A United Europe – New Challenges to an Old Dream

Project course 2012/2013 at Franken Gymnasium:

Synopsis of the course

The course is offered to 11th grade students and aims at:

  • increasing the intercultural awareness of the participants,
  • enhancing the understanding that the European integration is a necessary and desirable process which has had a long tradition
  • increasing the knowledge about geographical, socioeconomic and cultural features of European states
  • underlining the close-knit connections between Germany and the core-EU,
  • giving the students the chance to work self-reliantly on specific aspects of the topic and to prepare them for academic working.

The course has the following topics:

  • Regional geography of selected European countries with emphasis on socioeconomic aspects
  • The history of the European Union
  • The European institutions and their function
  • Processes of integration and disintegration
  • Dealing with regional disparities
  • Challenges of the European Union: Growing east, economic slumps and the Euro-crisis

The students will employ the following methods:

• gathering information from different media
• collecting data with the help of surveys, interviews, excursions (e. g. to Bruxells), e-mail contact etc.
• planning and performing roleplays
• presenting the results of their research
• evaluation of both the working process and the products

This is a course that we created from scratch and we appreciate feedback on it to further improve it.

Thank you for your help.